2020 Newsletter

Commander Russell Marsden and President Mary Gracey

Happy New Year Members!!!! A great way to start a New Year is to alwaysremember to say Thank You to all of our members who have made the past year a great success for our veterans and their families, our community and our schools. Without your continued support, participation and dedication to our veteran causes this would not be possible.

Next let’s give a big shout out to our officers, program chairmen, committee members, bartenders, and the managers of the canteen, banquet hall and picnic pavilion. They are the heart and soul of this organization who make it run efficiently. Congratulations to all on a job well done!

2020 will bring about a big change in our Banquet Room. Auxiliary member, Janice Gregory has managed the room since we opened in 2012 and has run the room like a well-oiled clock. It saddens us all that she is going to retire. Janice has done a fantastic joband we wish her well and enjoyment in her retirement. Member Janet Phipps Frank will be taking over the management of the Banquet Hall. We are confident that she will run the room as efficiently as Janice, who will be teaching her the ropes. Good Luck Janet AKA Smurf!!!

Also as we look back on 2019 weremember the members who have been ill or hospitalized and wish them good health in 2020 and as for the members who we have lost let’s all take a moment to remember them and to the families of these members we extend our sincere heartfelt condolences. This year we have lost so many members and they are all very sadly missed, God Bless! A HUGE Thank You goes out to our Honor Guard who were out there whenever they were called upon in rain, snow, sleet or heat. This year was the busiest they have ever been. It takes very special people to be able to perform this duty. Great job by all. Having that said I hope that we can count on all of our memberscontinued support and dedication to our organization in 2020. Working together as a team we can continue to make great things happen for our veterans and their families as well as our schools and community.

Enclosed are 3 tickets per member on the 2020 Crazy Cash,our posts biggest Fund Raiser that will be held on Saturday September 5th this year. More ticketsare available in the post canteen and available the day of event if needed. The money raised at this event helps us to do the upkeep of our beautiful post, buildings and grounds.

Have a wonderful New Year and remember to keep our veterans, servicemen and women in your hearts and prayers.