2010 Breakfast with Santa

On Sunday we held our Annual All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast featuring Santa Clause. The children could have their pictures taken with Santa. About 50 Veterans Children and Grandchildren as well as children from the community came to see Santa and have their picture taken.

Santa placed Christmas Antler Ears on the Childrens heads and babies were given little Christmas stuffed figures. Dispite the snowy weather we had a great turnout and raised over $700 in profit. We voted to give Operation Reindeer another $200 (provides Christmas Gifts to needy children in Oswego County) since we did so well. We also gave $200. to McGillacuddy's Pub and Lanes who adopted 16 needy families in Oswego County for Christmas Gifts.

I love our breakfast fund raiser, as not only did 12 sisters show up to prep, cook, serve, clean-up, and take photos but members of the Veterans and the Men's Auxiliary pitch in and help. What a great organization we have with everyone all working together for the good of our veterans, their families, our schools and the community.