2009 Ladies Fundraiser

On Thursday July 16th, the Mexico Firemen held their annual fund raiser, Field days and Parade. Our Mexico VFW Redneck Redhat Ladies entered the parade and won first place for the forth year in a row.

This year our theme was "She Thinks My Tractors Sexy" and the ladies dressed as farm gals. We had a tractor and hay wagon driven by Men's Auxiliary Jim Henderson and his grandson Jimmy. The wagon was adorned with hay, farm animals, little brown jugs, clothes line with purple and red underwear, pitch forks and other farm tools. We had an outhouse, made by Karen Meyer, in the front of the wagon where sister Janet Frank sat on the "Throne" with a pair of jeans down around her ankles.

This got a lot of applause from the crowd along the parade route. Riding on the wagon were sisters Kathy Parmalee, Lori Orman (in charge of music), Char Sikes and Janice Gregory playing the fiddle. Marching behind the wagon clad in bib overalls, purple shirts and red hats, carrying pitch forks, wash boards and brown jugs were sisters Sandy Coe, Linda Chamberlain, Mary Reeser, Connie Gonseth, Dorothy Smith, Bonnie Bartosek, Linda DeRushia and Debbie Brogan. We asked Fifth District President Debbie Mullenax to dress up and march with us and she so graciously agreed. We felt very honored that she was with us at this community event.

The tail end was sister Ruth Coe in her wheel chair that sister Dorothy Smith covered and made it look like an old fashioned galvanized bath tub complete with bubbles. The crowd went pretty wild over the tub as well as the outhouse. The whole event from planning, decorating and actually doing was so much fun. We all had a great time. We got back to the field and heard from everyone how great we had looked. The community is looking forward as to how we can top this next year!!!!! The food at the field was delicious, games fun, beer cold, company great and the first place check was the icing on the cake.